Romana Barrack (5 August 1928 – 31 May 2016), known professionally as Carla Lane, , was an English television writer responsible for several successful sitcoms, including The Liver Birds (co-creator, 1969–1978), Butterflies (1978–1983) and Bread (1986–1991). The writer Carla Lane died this week at the age of 87. Carla Lane, one of the few television scriptwriters ever to become a household name, has died aged 87. Lane, who was born in Liverpool and … Carla Lane, writer of "The Liver Birds", "Butterflies" and "Bread" credited de Paul for goading her to write her autobiography, Someday I'll Find Me. She was a writer and producer, known for Bread (1986), The Liver Birds (1969) and Luv (1993). This downbeat summation reveals the essentially British character of her writing and the short distance between tragedy and comedy. Carla Lane was born on August 5, 1928 in West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire, England as Romana Barrack. She was married to Arthur Hollins. The stars of Carla Lane's hit comedies joined family and friends in paying tribute to the acclaimed writer at her funeral. References Carla Lane (1928 – 31 May 2016) was an English television writer. Television writer Carla Lane, who created shows including 1980s Liverpool sitcom Bread, has died aged 87. Template:Infobox writer. One of the most successful television writers of her generation and the first woman to create popular and innovative situation comedies, Carla Lane was awarded the OBE in 1989. We pay tribute to her by sharing from our Archive an interview Jenni Murray did with her in 2006 when she published her memoir - … She wrote many sitcoms, including The Liver Birds (co-creator, 1969–78), Butterflies (1978–82), and Bread (1986–91). Carla Lane, writer and creator of some of Britain’s most successful sitcoms, described herself as “a totally miserable person with a sense of humour”. Writer. Carla Lane, OBE (born Romana Barrack, 5 August 1928) is an English television writer responsible for many sitcoms, including The Liver Birds (1969–78), Butterflies (1978–82), and Bread (1986–91).. Lane is also known for her animal rights activism and, until 2009, ran an animal sanctuary, Animaline, in Horsted Keynes, West Sussex. The funeral of television comedy writer Carla Lane has taken place today in Liverpool.
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