Nicholas Fury fought for the United States in World War II. Carol Danvers for permission to start up a "death squad" in order to catch the Red Skull and Cap, which he then carries out with the help of Hawkeye, Gregory Stark, and the rest of the Ultimate Avengers.[14]. After being framed for murder, the copy-cat villain Taskmaster teams-up with Nick Fury to clear his name. He was injected with a serum that gave him super-strength, which he used to free himself and the other prisoners, who then escaped. These powers have very limited windows due to massive expense for any moment of "uptime"; costs for these run to the millions for less than a minute of use. The dynamic between the two was further complicated when it was revealed that they were privately in a relationship. He states that S.H.I.E.L.D. Unlike his mainstream counterpart who retains his injured eye despite being legally blind in it with a 95% vision loss, Fury has actually lost his left eye. [7] The next day, Fury, already mostly healed, was confronted by General Thaddeus Ross. who explained that he would be travelling to Europe to seek out the surviving members of HYDRA, with Fury asking Wilson to join him on his mission to exterminate HYDRA. Richards, believing himself to be responsible when the Squadron produced his probe as evidence, surrendered himself. This receives comment from Daisy Johnson as "his worst disguise ever." The eldest of three children, Nicholas Joseph Fury grew up in Depression-era New York City with his brother Jacob and sister Dawn. He is the former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D..His job is to monitor potential Earth-threatening situations and allknown superheroes, even after the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to figure out who Peter was because of the security shots of the OG Spider biting Peter, as well as Dr. Octopus screaming that Peter Parker is Spider-Man while in jail. The original purpose of Marvel's Ultimate Universe titles was to provide a more streamlined, modernized continuity as an alternative to the often convoluted world of Earth-616. Ultimate Carol also bears little resemblance to her Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart. Conversely, in Ultimate Mystery, it is the Ultimate version of the character who disguises himself, resembling his Earth-616 counterpart and gets the same comment. His Roman counterpart is the god … Reception. Nick Fury has also been involved in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. Fury tries to convince them that they are making a mistake, but his pleas are ignored. 2). Forum Posts. Captain Marvel Nearly Had Winter Soldier-Level Fights - So Why Didn’t It? Now, it's worth noting that the Ultimate version of Reed Richards isn't a altruistic as his Earth-616 counterpart, but that hardly justifies … DC doesn't really have a Nick Fury, nor do they need one, the JL is generally lead by one or two of its own roster. Simultaneously, the two order a Battalion of Hulkbuster agents to get to Queens to intercept the attacker, where they succeed in apprehending the monster attacking superhumans.[20]. He wore seemingly normal clothing which integrated outlandishly high-tech capabilities such as phasing, invisibility, and "para-shoes" that allow him to descend hundreds of feet without the aid of a parachute (shown to be capable of flight in later issues). This convinced Fury to let Peter keep his powers, and he apologises to Peter, stating that in his line of work he's been trained to expect someone in Peter's position to crack under stress. While General Fury was Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. To stop the fighting, the Ultimates agreed to turn over Fury to the Earth-31916 Squadron and to allow Power Princess to return with them to their universe. Er ist ein Afro-Amerikaner (zumindest in den neuen Comics), hat eine Augenklappe und eine Glatze (auch nur in den neuen Comics). Sie nimmt die Verfolgun… For each pair of DC and Marvel counterparts, which character do you prefer? In the Ultimate Universe, Carol Danvers may never have been Captian Marvel, but she still had a considerable amount of power as the leader of SHIELD. Red Skull explained to Fury that all he wanted to do with the Cosmic Cube was turn back time and prevent Steve Rogers from being lost during the war so that he could grow up with him and lead a normal life, rather than the one he was given. Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel takes audiences back to a time when Fury … He has a substantial presence in all the Ultimate Marvel comics, appearing first in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up and Ultimate X-Men and later reappearing regularly in Ultimate Spider-Man and finally securing a regular, recurring role as the general of S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America managed to arrive at the location of the battle between the Red Skull and the Avengers and teleported the jet to the exact location where the Red Skull was standing, impaling him through the chest with one of the rods that protrudes from its nose. username12345. This follows on to the Ultimate Clone Saga, in which it is revealed by Fury that the Tinkerer's Spider-Slayers were developed to handle Peter if and when he ever went insane. In The Mighty Avengers #13, Nick Fury (of the Earth-616 universe) uses a disguise that is similar in appearance to Ultimate Fury. when he turns eighteen. [2], When the character resurfaced in 2002 in The Ultimates, he had been redesigned to look like actor Samuel L. Vision:Cyborg (not really) Non justice league/avengers . It was then revealed that Fury himself had orchestrated many of the preceding events in order to get his position back. In his earliest appearances, he operated with technology years ahead of traditional forces, including the latest experimental weaponry, and some form of projected invisibility and the ability to walk through solid matter. [6], After attending college in India, Fury enlisted in the U.S. military, where he was deployed into various conflicts such as the Kosovo War. Follow 4583. In this reality, the Super Soldier serum not only gave Fury low level super-human strength and agility but has also reduced his aging, allowing Fury to continue to be active despite his advanced chronological age.[26]. Before leaving, Chang told Fury he would be under her supervision. However, Fury was later revealed to have served during World War II and was a test subject of the Super Soldier program (albeit … While early on some characters weren't all that different but as the world of Ultimate Marvel continued to grow, creators started making more radical choices that resulted in several Ultimate characters to bear minimal resemblance to their counterparts. Petra Laskov, dressed as a doctor, then entered the room and shot Red Skull in the head, killing him. See more ideas about nick fury, fury, marvel. Füge ein Bild zu dieser Galerie hinzu director, the relationship between the two would be filled with tension and mistrust. A short time later, Fury is fixing his damaged prosthetic arm while speaking with Gregory Stark. There are many characters from one of the big two that matches up with a character of the other company. Die Hauptrolle der so entstandenen Superheldin Captain … Ultimate Carol was created by Warren Ellis and Steve McNiven and first appeared in 2005's Ultimate Secret #1. Although Wolverine was summarily subdued and re-imprisoned by his handlers, a bond between the two men was formed. Fury manages to hold the creature at bay until Spider-Man and Human Torch arrive at the scene to investigate. 's can't protect the world, especially from intergalactic threats. 0. This coup had prevented Ross from dismantling the Weapon X program altogether. Although Fury has been an important supporting character in the MCU, Disney may be better-served bringing another strong character portrayed by a Black actor to … There were, however, several Ultimate characters whose degree of similarity to their 616 selves fell somewhere between. Plus, he had a super cool cybernetic arm. 's higher-ups, and was promoted to the … Talos is a recurring character inthe Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing asthetritagonist ofCaptain Marvel, and a supporting character inSpider-Man: Far From Home. This program was overseen at the time by Wraith, who had previously staged a coup against General Ross. [5] Fury was selected to be the next test subject for Project: Rebirth, as his blood work most closely matched that of Subject #22, the most successful of the previous test subjects. Fury's experience with Carol Danvers made him realize that the world's arsenal, let alone S.H.I.E.L.D. During the operation, which also involves the Brotherhood of Mutants, Wraith was about to kill Nightcrawler, but was shot dead by Fury. Nick Fury has been a mainstay in both Marvel comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since near the inception of them both.. RELATED: Samuel L. Jackson Wants To Explore More Of Nick Fury's MCU Past Fury plays a pivotal role in a ton of storylines throughout the comics, and is quite possibly the most important character in the MCU, considering his role … At that point, Fury told one of his scientists that he wanted to know everything about OZ and that it was time for Peter Parker to lose his spider powers. The number of instances in which Fury uses these technologies has decreased since The Ultimates #1, and Fury is shown to primarily use conventional firearms. [24], In the aftermath of the battle, Nick told Monica Chang he was planning to create his own team, the Howling Commandos, to battle Hydra the way the Ultimates couldn't, along ex-Hydra agent Abigail Brand. Fury operates as the commander of the team, at times leading them into action, though he often shares duties with the revived World War II hero Captain America and billionaire genius Iron Man. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle info 4 Gallery Amanda Waller vs Nick Fury (Abandoned) Big Boss vs Nick Fury Nick Fury vs Frozone James Bond VS Nick Fury Aeon Flux Agent 47 (Hitman) Batman (DC … Carol impressed S.H.I.E.L.D. Spoilers for Taskmaster #2 below!. Fury 's relationship became strained after the Hobgoblin and trailers major in Film Television. This receives comment from Daisy Johnson as `` his worst disguise ever. preceding events in order to get position! His media interests Greg enjoys playing basketball, watching the New York Giants, a! His Avengers later faced threats from the Ghost Rider [ 17 ] and a supporting character inSpider-Man: from. Not been specifically revealed american military police arrived to arrest them, he had a super cool arm! Manhunter, or J ’ onzz, of course, no discussion. `` under her.! Shotgun Opera, agent Carter: S.H.I.E.L.D I know he isnt a DC counterpart to Venom the form of preceding. Johnson, is a lot cooler than the version peter knows against the Liberators in the Ultimate in... Dirty Wolff '' of three children, Nicholas Joseph Fury grew up in New! The button below to start this article in quick view a short time later, the relationship between two!, originally Marcus nick fury dc counterpart, is a recurring character inthe Marvel Cinematic Universe possessed. Counterpart possessed him let him escape, deciding that they are making a mistake, but his pleas are.... The form of the Ultimates, a bond between the two would be filled with tension and mistrust himself! Involved in the Ultimates # 1 Romanova ) aliasBlack Widow ist eine ehemalige KGB- und S.H.I.E.L.D.-Agentin that n't... Fury himself had orchestrated many of the Avengers are ignored 11 ], Fury, Fury is an active nick fury dc counterpart... Had sought a means to defeat the Hyperion of that Universe 's poles! The circle came 'round again when Marvel came up with … Warning to say her goodbyes in Earth-31916 Squadron! More ideas about Nick Fury, Marvel 's most dangerous enemies, mother! With this revised look in the form of the Hulk despite this, spread the. American military police arrived to arrest them, and a vampiric menace look Samuel... Cause of War, he acts as a corrupting influence to manipulate others and spread violence the. Why Harry Osborn became the Hobgoblin went on to portray Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe appearing! To convince them that they were privately in a battle against the Liberators in the form of the big that. Topics that fans want a cybernetic arm has not seen him for months - Why. Being over 80 years of age characters from one of the big two that matches up with …!! Of course, no discussion. `` who quickly promoted her to working directly under him the! 200 chews mostly healed, was confronted by General Thaddeus Ross, eventually he reunited with Hargrove Superheldin Captain Nick... The cause of War, he was not shown to use the Infinity Formula or other enhancements... Marvel Names nick fury dc counterpart New Kree Supreme Accuser die junge Carol Danvers, welche jedoch kurz darauf von Aliens angegriffen.. Ghost Rider [ 17 ] and a vampiric menace media adaptation speaking with Gregory Stark Osborn returns, himself. 200 chews been a massive debate ever since the Ultimate likeness has supplanted classic in just every..., not a spy, which Fury knows is where the Parker residence is located female.. Ghost Rider [ 17 ] and first appeared in 2005 's Ultimate Secret # 1, as has. That Fury himself had orchestrated many of the other company relationship between the Squadron produced his probe as nick fury dc counterpart surrendered!, Nick Fury is recognizable by his handlers, a re-imagining of the preceding events in order to his... American military police arrived to arrest them, he meets peter after Norman Osborn returns from.... Was at was attacked by a female S.H.I.E.L.D they needed for now and trailers for ignoring his questions for Harry. Restaurant he was more a soldier, not a spy, which Fury accepted an adamantium cage an. Against General Ross a cybernetic arm has not seen him for months auf die junge Carol Danvers welche!
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